Hello Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors. I do appreciate your visit. This page is dedicated to what Jesus (Yeshua) said in the Bible in the Book of Matthew (12:25). Briefly, he said “every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation”. Another way of saying this is: “a divided kingdom cannot stand.” So, this brings me back to the essential teaching and purpose of this blog: “All this is OM” – Mandukya Upanishad. Knowing that everything is OM (Brahman, God, Divine Spirit) is the greatest wisdom to have. We can treat others properly knowing that they too are part of the One Undivided Cosmic Self (OM). Jesus said “I and the Father are One”. Buddha said “All beings have the Buddha-nature”. Krishna said “I am this Universe”. All three of these avatars bore witness to the most important truth of life: Everything is One (OM). So, we must take actions and cultivate thoughts that promote unity and hence support for living beings. The other day, there was news regarding the suicide of a well-known social media guru due to depression, at LinkedIn. She was quite famous and I interacted with her on several occasions. A most wonderful soul. The current pandemic is a plot of dark souls to divide humanity and living beings and thus create harm through fear and division. Only the Holy Spirit of Divine Unity and Oneness (OM) can help us all overcome this dark agenda. Every action and thought centered in loving kindness, compassion, support, goodwill, and the like will help us all to recenter in Cosmic Oneness – the common spiritual message of Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus (Yeshua). Thanks and Namaste, Keith

Note: The Tibetan OM mandala above can be purchased at Honoring The Land by Anil Thapa.