Hello! My name is Keith Johnson. I am the author of this Omyoga blog. As a way of life, I practice the ancient-most spiritual philosophy of India called “Vedanta” which recognizes the Sacred Syllable OM as the Divine Sound-Essence of Life, the Cosmos and Existence. For those of you who value the blog posts on this site and would like to see continuously great content, then please do support this initiative. Click here to access my PayPal page to make your donation. I will ensure that every penny received is used to better this website. With enough donations, I can then devote all of my time to blog-centered writing, prayer, and reader/follower support. Eventually, I would like to be able to offer initiations into the OM meditation practice too. I am challenging the status quo here, and I cannot do it alone. Thank You and Namaste in advance, Keith Johnson, OM Yogi