Overcoming Tribalism

Happy Monday Omyoga blog readers, followers, and subscribers. I wish you all a great week ahead. Today, I would like to share with you a very important reason who I chant OM, contemplate OM and meditate on OM. Tribalism. We are all born into local belief systems – it could be Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Jainism, or some other spiritual philosophy. Some of you out there are atheists and agnostics too. Many times our belief system is a reflection of our life experience and our attempt to heal and deal with negativities within these tribal belief systems. I have experienced both good and bad in several belief systems. But that is what they all are: belief systems based on local traditions. I believe that society has a positive role, but not one that should clip your wings. Self-Realized Yogis all teach: OM is the revealed Word, Sound, Syllable, and Existential Vibration of our True Source (Being). OM is NOT Hinduism. Sure, Om is used still in Buddhism and Hinduism, but is beyond all tribalism. OM is a sound that we all can experience firsthand. Just chime a bell. Take your wooden spoon and tap on a singing bowl. Listen to the wind or the ocean. OM is there. The purpose of the Master is not control – but rather to help you remove obscurations so that you can see for yourself. OM is the eternal sound that reveals the presence of Divine Spirit, our true source of being. It is beyond tribalism. In fact, all religions and formalities and belief systems are limited by mind and locked into our local mindsets. But we can experience OM and go beyond the mind. We can let go of limited ideas of body and mind, and just let OM do all the work. World War III need NOT happen. All we need to do is overcome tribalism. We need to realize that we all are unique “instances” of OM. I am “OM” as Keith. My dog is “OM” as Ben. You are “OM” as you and so on. OM is the original function of existence and we are its first derivatives. OM is our source, lifetime experience, and destination, ultimately. Krishna knew he was/is OM. Buddha knew he was/is OM. Christ knew he was/is OM. Thanks for reading. Namaste, Keith

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