John 14:6: My Thoughts

In the Bible, specifically John 14:6, Jesus (Yeshua) tells us “I am the Truth, the Way, the Life. Nobody comes to the Father but by me.” Modern day Christianity – in all forms – generally interprets this in terms of the vicarious atonement of Christ – where he dies for our sins and so we are saved through atonement. I accepted this truth as a boy and continue to accept this truth until today. However, there is a flaw in this absolution – there is no growth of the individual. Many people just sin today (in Christianity) and each Sunday return and say to their priest, pastor or minister – I repent for my sins and again take refuge in the vicarious atonement of Christ. And the wheel turns and there is no improvement. Life goes on. I have experienced this for myself. So, what if OM is actually Jesus? Well, news flash – Jesus is OM. Also, Krishna is OM. Buddha is OM. All mysteries of God are contained in OM. So, as you chant OM and meditate on OM, you are indirectly honoring all mysteries of grace that God/Divine Spirit has offered us over the millenia, as well as ones to come. Now here is what is different: you have a path to follow now. Something to do. A practice to engage in. With grace and sincerity, this practice will help you to evolve out of the problematic and cyclical “wheel” of wrongdoing that I just mentioned. God wants us to improve. A loving parent does not just pay for a bad kid without end. At some point, a good parent will say “stop because grace ends here”. We need to evolve. OM is a proven path to higher awareness that will help us to evolve out of dualistic consciousness and into unified consciousness where love and compassion will manifest, and in this way sinful and self-destructive ways will fall by the wayside. As Swami Sivananda wrote “OM is the Original Name of God. All grace is contained in a sincere OM chant and prayer.” When you chant OM, you honor all avatars of God along with all mysteries that relate to those avatars. Namaste.

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