OM: Our True Foundation

Happy Sunday Omyoga blog followers and readers. I hope your weekend is relaxing and recharging. Today, I would like to share my personal view on the Sacred Syllable OM, in light of both theory and daily experience. Christianity, for example, sees God in a Trinitarian Way – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So, how do I reconcile this with Vedanta? Simple. OM is the equivalent of God The Father – Abba in Christianity and Adonai in Judaism. OM is the original word behind One and Amen, actually (see Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar). As Ramana Maharshi said “OM is The Self”. OM is the very ground of being, life, our very breath and life force itself. Like Taoists say “The Tao is beyond words”. So is OM. We can chant it. We can contemplate it. But ultimately all we can do is sit, observe, and admire OM for its infinitude and limitlessness. OM is “all this”. Everything. So, OM is life and being itself, beyond words, beyond comprehension. This is why yogis just sit in meditation and listen to OM in the wind and in the ether. OM is life itself. What can we possibly say in the presence of the Almighty One? Nothing, actually. The greatest way to honor truth is silence itself. But not silence while thinking of mundane things. No, silence as a way of allowing the Truth (OM) to permeate us, teach us, lead us, guide us, and more. The world today is obsessed with “having”, which is the topmost level of my diagram here. But having is the result of being and doing. We must center and ground ourselves in being first. From there, God The Father (OM) allows us to do (Christ consciousness, Christ being, etc). Here, we can interact with the external world in a positive, loving, and compassionate way. This is what it means to be a Buddha or a Christ – live centered in unlimited love and compassion. From there, the Almighty Itself will gift you physical things – so you can have what you need in this world – money, health, possessions, knowledge, etc. But the secret here is to invest in BEING (OM). Chant OM. Meditate on OM. Read Swami Sivananda’s book “Meditation on OM” if you doubt me. When you center in OM, then you will see with greater clarity the teachings of both Christ and Buddha. Both want us to do, or to act, with love and compassion as the true intention behind all things – not profit, not exploitation. This is how humanity can transform our sick and dysfunctional world into a true heaven on earth. Meditate on OM. Treat all other beings with love and compassion. Honor silence. Be grateful. Take it down a few steps. Try to be content as we are now. Ignore the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) spread by those just out to sell their goods. Take shelter and refuge in the Sacred Syllable OM, the Original Word, Name, and Sound of God. Namaste.

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