Ramana Maharshi

Hello Omyoga blog followers and visitors. Namaste. Thanks for stopping by. Today, I would like to reflect on a simple but profound saying of the late and great self-realized master Ramana Maharshi. I am not much of a cult person, but I do infrequently hold specific personalities in high regard. Maharshi is one such soul. He said, in one of his talks this: “Silence is The Self”. This immediately reminded me of a Bible Psalm (46:10) which says “Be still and know I am God.” Whenever we let go of the noise and business of the world around us, true silence and stillness can manifest. Things calm down. The fever of conversation and worry lessens to almost nothing. We finally experience peace. This is the Peace of Divine Spirit. If you focus yourself as consciousness, you can hear the Eternal OM right there in the silence and stillness itself. There is nothing to do. Just enjoy it. This is how yogis can sit for hours in deep meditation. They are allowing themselves to tune into Divine Spirit. They are allowing themselves to perceive and receive energies on a Divine Level. I believe that all avatars and yogis have known this and continue to know this. If you have experienced this, then you are a yogi. We are all yogis in progress. I still have to work and pay bills. I still get scared when a loose dog chases me while walking my dog. I get nervous when I get a large bill from the doctor or dentist. I fear losing my job. This is all normal. At the same time, the refuge of Divine Spirit is always there. This is immediately accessed when we just sit in deep silence and stillness. That is The Self – Brahman, Divine Spirit. Namaste.

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