Why OM?

“Brahman (God as Divine and Holy Spirit) is the Highest. OM is His Name.” – His Holiness Swami Sivananda. The reason I chant OM and meditate on OM is because OM is the sound that represents the fullness and completeness of God. Christianity today is very fragmented – in many ways polytheistic – always academically and conceptually dividing Father, Son, Holy Spirit. But in fact God is One. So, by chanting OM, we honor God as Father and Son and Holy Ghost/Spirit. There is only One God, not Three Gods. I also believe that within the Sacred Invocation of OM, we honor all teachings that are true dharma and spiritual truth. In Tibetan Buddhism, the lamas and the Dalai Lama declare that when you chant Om Mani Padme Hum, you honor all 84,000 dharma teachings of the Buddha. So, divine sound honors all academic and intellectual teachings of truth. The same holds true for Om. As you chant OM you honor the teachings of Lord Krishna regarding devotion, you honor the teachings of Lord Buddha regarding compassion, and you honor the teachings of Lord Jesus regarding love and selflessness. There is a passage in the Book of Revelation where Jesus identifies himself as the “Great Amen” and Swami Sri Yukteswar of the Kriya Yoga Lineage from Babaji tells us in “Holy Science” that Amen is a word that is derived from the Sacred Syllable “OM”. So, “Amen” is “OM”. So, if Jesus is “Amen”, then Jesus is “OM”. Human history unfortunately is badly bruised by economic, cultural, religious, political, and other agendas that are about control and not upliftment. I am amazed that I have a copy of “Holy Science” from Sri Yukteswar and “Meditation on OM” from Sri Sivananda on my desk. I am lucky. So, to honor these great souls, I have this blog here where I hope I can at least inspire you to read books like these and see how the Holy Name of God in Sanskrit, OM, has endured time and chaotic human history, and still represents the fullness of God, in one simple, brief, yet complete invocation. Om Shanti (May the Divine Peace of God be with you always), Keith

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