Rumi About Silence

Happy Monday Omyoga blog followers and readers. Today, I would like to shed light on a recent meme by the famous Sufi poet and mystic Rumi. He said, in this meme, that “the secret of the world cannot be spoken because it is wrapped in silence.” Interesting, so the greatest act of contemplation is silence. I actually agree. As soon as we start talking, we immerse ourselves in local culture, language, ideas, ideals, politics, religion, and more. So, silence is necessary to transcend all of these things and situate ourselves for Divine Grace which is beyond our immediate cultural biases. There is a Bible Passage, Psalm 46:10 which similarly says “Be still and know I am God.” So, though the act of silence and stillness, we can actually experience the energy presence of God. For me, that is the Divine OM. As I sit in silence and stillness, I can hear, vibrationally in the ether, the Ommm humming all around me. It is in the wind. It is in the movement of a train or vehicle. It is in the motion of a motor. It is in the subtle sound of the machine that runs the air conditioner, refrigerator and freezer. Om is all around us. So, chant OM. Meditate on OM. Then, try sitting in silence and stillness as both Rumi and Psalm 46:10 recommend. You will become a witness to the Sacred Syllable OM.

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