Sanskrit Prayer To Om

Happy Thursday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate you and your visit, so thank you! Today, I would like to share a very simple but powerful prayer to the Sacred Syllable OM. Swami Sivananda calls this, simply, “Prayer To Om”.

Omkaram Bindu Samyuktam. Nityam Dhyayanti Yoginah. Kamadam Mokshadam Chaiva. Omkaraya Namoh Namaha.” Here is what this Sanskrit Prayer to OM means, in English: “Yogis (those adept in meditation) always meditate upon the Sacred Syllable OM which has a nondual point in its written symbol. The Sacred Syllable OM is the true bestower of all desires and liberation. I bow down to the Supreme Omkar (Sacred Syllable OM) out of profound respect and gratitude.”

Namaste, Om Shanti, Keith

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