The Gospel of Thomas

Happy Tuesday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate you and your visit – so thank you! Today, I would like to shed light on a passage from the “Gospel of Thomas”, a book that was formerly part of the Bible that was removed by the Catholic Church. This book is based on the sayings of Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) according to his disciple Thomas, who embarked for India after Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says “split a piece of wood and I am there”. This is pure Advaita Vedanta in my humble opinion. The idea is that the Divine and Holy Spirit of God is everywhere. God is Omnipotent. God is Omniscient. But most importantly, God is OMNIPRESENT. So, right here and right now, we are experiencing God in some way at some level of being. The thing to keep in mind is that the planes of body and mind are transitory and there is no lasting happiness. Hence, we must meditate on OM and pray the OM mantra. That is our true spiritual center. Sure, go ahead and enjoy a good meal. Sure, go ahead and read a good book. Sure, go ahead and go to the beach or the mountains. Sure, call a friend. These are all wonderful, but the experiences come and go like the clouds in the sky. OM is eternal! Jesus is OM. Buddha is OM. Sankara is OM. Krishna is OM. Sit still and allow both body and mind to still. You will feel, directly and firsthand, the vibration of OM. That vibration is in the piece of wood that Jesus refers to. That vibration is in the Sun. That vibration is in the wind. That is God, Divine Holy Spirit, folks. Namaste.

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