Fear Not, God (OM) Is With You

“Brahman (God as Holy, Divine Spirit) is the Highest. OM is His Name” – His Holiness Swami Sivananda, from “Meditation on OM”. I was raised in a conservative Christian home and still love Jesus greatly, however, at 55, I now appreciate avatars from many religions and paths. Krishna even tells us in the Gita that whenever needed, God descends directly, Himself, to help humanity. So, with that said, we can KNOW that God is always with us. Now, here is the tricky part. Most religions tell us, actually, that God is with us CONDITIONALLY. That is a lie. That is why people leave their faiths. That is why people resort to drugs and alcohol. That is why people become atheists. Religions are falsely describing God. He is ALWAYS with us, no matter what. Now, of course the more we do to cultivate our relationship with God, the better, of course. However, if we mess up God will NOT abandon us like many religions say. The Bible clearly states “He/She who calls upon the Name of the Lord SHALL BE SAVED”. Romans 10:13. There are NO conditions here. This is the ABSOLUTE LOVE AND GOODNESS of Almighty God. Only God Himself can give us his unconditional love and assistance. When we chant OM, God is right there to help us. OM is literally 911 to God. Namaste.

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