OM, Divine Oneness

Happy Friday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate you and your visit, so thank you! Today, I would like to explain to you all what “OM” really is. According to timeless and legendary self-realized yogis and masters like Swami Sivananda and Swami Krishnananda, “OM” is the True Sound of Spiritual Nonduality (Spiritual Oneness). When you chant OM with earnestness and gratitude, you are effectively uniting with God (Brahman, Divine Spirit) in the highest way, at the level of pure spirit. We all exist, simultaneously, in three major planes: physical, mental, and spiritual. Most people find temporary oneness with God through physical pleasures like food, exercise, work, travel, and more. Most people also find temporary oneness with God through mental pleasures like reading, television, movies, books, school, gaming, cards, music, mathematics, computing, conversation, and more. All of these are temporary forms of oneness with God, at the inferior levels (planes) of body and mind. However, there is one more level – the level of Divine and Holy Spirit. It is at this level that true oneness is attained and experienced. You can chant OM. You can also sit in silence and stillness and experience the Cosmic OM vibration all around you. That is the path of the yogi. This is how you transcend the temporal realms of body and mind: OM meditation and mantra-prayer. This is the foundational teaching of both Swami Sivananda and Swami Krishnananda. I sincerely believe that Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus (Yeshua) all became perfected beings through the OM meditation path. All of them declared, in one way or another, that they were either one with God through OM or that they effectively were Om, like Krishna asserted in the Gita. OM is the essence of all things – past, present, future, and at all levels of being – body, mind, and spirit. So, take some time each day to chant OM and/or meditate on OM. This is the true path of OM yoga. Namaste.

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