Overcoming Mythical Awareness

Hello Omyoga blog readers and followers. Happy Thursday. I appreciate you and your visit, so thank you very much for stopping by. Today, I would like to address a topic that we all should be aware of, and that is the topic of what I call “mythical awareness” or “mythical consciousness”. I got this term originally from a book called “Putting On The Mind Of Christ” written by James Marion, a former Catholic monk who eventually attained self-realization. You see, as kids, we are all told myths and stories of all kinds. That is fine. However, at some point, we must evolve, physically, mentally, and emotionally beyond those myths, because the myths can damage us as adults if we are not careful. Case in point – Santa Claus. Here in the West and many parts of Europe, kids are told that Santa Claus will visit them from the North Pole on Christmas eve and award them with gifts if they have been good or a lump of coal if they have been bad. This is just a story and a myth. There is no Santa Claus living on the North Pole. Why do adults do this? Perhaps because it is fun and also it is a form of social control. I discovered that Santa Claus was not real in the 4th grade (I was about 10 then) and my mom laughed when I came home and told her that another kid at school saw through the story. And so it is. To this day, many adults continue to enforce myths like this on society and kids. I disagree. It really is a form of dishonesty. Why not just tell the story of Santa Claus and then say that we should all be like Santa Claus – generous and charitable, eh? I think that is a better idea. Anyway. In religion, the same holds true. Many world religions force stories upon the flocks and if you do not follow you are excommunicated or ridiculed. That is not very nice. Awakening takes courage. You will be admonished. You are simply showing that the myth is like a boat with holes and it is sinking. So, you have a solution – the truth. Yep. The truth. All this is OM reveals that there is only One Universal Being and Self – and we are all part of it. We are all divine cells in the Cosmic Body of The Divine Self. There is no other. There is only oneself, ultimately. So, be kind and be charitable. But good behavior does not come from enforcing dualistic myths. Rather, true goodness emerges from awareness of nonduality. When I step outside into the sunlight, I no longer need to ponder the Sun. I just need to experience it. At some point, we can all leave the myths behind and experience the One Self (Brahman, Divine Spirit) directly. There is only the One Self, and we are all part of it. Namaste.

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