AUM – Two Meanings

Happy Monday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate you and your visit – so thank you! Today, I would like to shed light on what AUM really means. According to great acharyas like Swami Sivananda, AUM is the complete sound range for the human being. If we open the mouth, we say “AH (AA)”. If we continue but close our mouth a bit, we say “OO (UU)”. If we close our lips and continue with the same sound, we say “MM (MM)”. So, technically, AUM is the complete vocalization of sound possibilities from open mouth, mouth-partly-open, to mouth closed. So, within AUM is all sound and hence prayer and sacred invocation. Symbolically, in Hinduism, AUM stands for creation, maintenance, and dissolution of all things at all levels, even the cosmos itself. Recently, I have been studying up on Bitcoin as I witness fiat currencies around the world approach critically bad situations. One popular term in the Bitcoin space is AUM – an acronym for Assets Under Management. This term is used by fund managers and even those who might be creating Bitcoin Funds in the near future, as an investment. Assets Under Management? Sounds, materialistic, eh? Not really. If you think about it, this entire universe is an Asset Under Management by God, is it not? So, when we chant AUM, we are honoring God, who ultimately is the creator, maintainer, and dissolver of the Universe in which we live as well as the One who is managing the Universe – a true spiritual asset. So, everyday, get up, chant OM (AUM) and say “God, thanks for this day. I repent for all wrongdoing and I surrender to your guidance and leadership as I move forward with each day. Lead me in light, love, compassion, wisdom, and overall goodness.” Namaste, Keith

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