Calling on Divine Grace

Happy Sunday Omyoga blog readers and followers – I appreciate you and I appreciate your visit. So, thank you very much. Today, I would like to share a Bible passage that I am sure is in other major religious and spiritual texts too. It is from the New Testament of the Bible, specifically, Romans 10:13, and it states “He/She who calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” One of the biggest challenges of life, for all of us, is to know what we really need. Perhaps I think I need a certain doctor to treat a certain ailment. However, maybe there is another approach that is better. Surely God (Divine Spirit) knows of this better path. Perhaps a job looks good but God (Divine Spirit) knows of another job that will be more fulfilling. So, to align with this higher knowledge and being, we need to “Call Upon The Lord”. How so? Simple. Chant OM. Meditate on OM. Swami Sivananda writes in “Meditation on OM” that “Brahman (God as Divine and Holy Spirit) is the Highest. OM is His Name.” So, by chanting OM and meditating on OM, I am calling on God/Divine Spirit directly, honoring Him in all ways – Spirit, Avatar, Yogi, and more. I know a few things, but surely God/Divine Spirit knows more. So, chanting OM and meditating on OM sincerely helps us to get the benefit of this practice. The human race is struggling in many ways. The finite cannot know more than the infinite. So, if we approach God/Divine Spirit humbly through the OM chant and OM meditation practices, we are effectively “Calling Upon The Name Of The Lord”, asking for guidance, protection, inspiration, and whatever it is that we need. Happy Sunday and Namaste, Keith

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