Be Conservative With Decisions

Happy Friday Omyoga blog readers and subscribers. I appreciate you and your visit – so thank you! Today, I would like to touch on a topic about life in general – decision-making. When we are young, we all make brash and emotion-based decisions that sometimes lead to disaster. I know about this firsthand because I indeed made many such decisions – with respect to work, relationships, school, travel, and more. I could have gotten in much worse trouble than I did, but fortunately my guardian angel was watching over me. Today, I am much more conservative – in the way I drive, speak, interact, work, socialize, and more. Why? Because when the damage is done – there is no turning back. It is better to live in a conservative manner that mitigates the possible damage from a negligent approach, if you will. Driving. Easy point here. In the state of Florida where I live, there are many tourists and people from different parts of the world. Many people text and drive and inside their cars is chaos. So, the way I keep them from hitting me is by beeping my car’s horn at intersections and lights. You have no idea how many times I have caught people looking up from their phones and I see that they did NOT see me there. Good move, eh? Yes indeed. So, taking a step back from automated living where we assume all things are great is a good and conservative move. Today especially during this global pandemic, there is more chaos and unrest. We need to center in peace and calmness in ourselves and live with a slight degree of distrust, but not in a bad way. You really do not know what others are up to and what afflictions they carry. We are here for them in prayer and support but we need to make sure ignorance does not claim us as a casualty. Go slow. Be mindful. Make conservative decisions that keep you and others safe, always. Thanks. Namaste.

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