CE5 – Working With ETs

Happy Thursday Omyoga blog readers and subscribers. I appreciate you and your visit, so thank you! About two weeks ago, my wife and I saw a movie/documentary called “CE5” featuring Doctor Steven Greer. Amazing stuff. There have been movies and documentaries of Close Encounters at levels one, two, three and four. But this one addresses level five – where you can actually call on ETs through prayer and meditation, and they then show up. This documentary showed, with infra-red cameras – actual beings showing up as contactees summoned them. Right now, IMHO, our planet is under attack by dark forces. Some call them “the deep state”. Some call them “reptilians”. Some call them “demons”. Anyway, what drives them is fear, hatred, and oppression. They are beings against love, compassion, freedom, and liberty. So, why not call on benevolent ETs to help humanity? I am all for this movement. So, this can help to empower those already engaged with conventional prayer, meditation, charity services, and humanitarian services at the purely human level. We can only stretch ourselves so far. So, if we can get help from advanced benevolent civilizations like the Pleadians, why not? From what I understand, this is the best way to summon an advanced and benevolent ET civilization. First sit in silence and take a few deep breaths. Say, in your mind, “Hello to you all in the Pleades civilization. I hope you all are well. If you possibly can, please visit me (e.g. humanity) as soon as possible. We seek your visit on two levels – cosmic friendship and cosmic help. We are grateful for your time and presence if and when possible. Thank You. God Bless. Om. Amen.” Hold this thought-energy. Remain in a place of gratitude. Even the Bible encourages us to wait on God (e.g. Divine Love) through silence and stillness. In this way, we will eventually come face to face with advanced beings of light and love. In the same way a parent or good friend heeds the call of someone in need, beings like those from the Pleades will help us. The key is to remain humble and grateful as they must journey from their realm to ours. They also have their lives. But, at least they are able to help humanity in part. Namaste.

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