Creating Positive Change

Happy Wednesday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate you and I appreciate your visit. So, thank you! Today, I would like to discuss an important topic: the process by which one can create positive change. You know the old saying “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword”. Well, from the standpoint of karma and action-reaction, this is 100% accurate. This is why violence never works. This is why Ghandi did peaceful protests and sit-ins as opposed to militarized protests. Eventually, India became its own sovereign nation. The greatest souls who have lived in this plane are the yogis. These men and women are dedicated to meditation and spiritual awakening – this is a true revolution of consciousness and awareness that leads to positive change. The words of a yogi are truly powerful. The yogi does not need a physical weapon. His or her presence is true power and able to push back dark forces of negativity quite easily. In our modern times, there are not many yogis on the planet. The planet needs more. So, please join me with at least fifteen minutes of silent meditation each day. Become a yogi in this way. Chant OM in your mind as you meditate and sit in silence. Lower energies cannot stand silence and stillness. But higher energies love and thrive on silence and stillness. This is where the soul meets God/Brahman directly. This is where Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Shiva Consciousness, and Buddha Enlightenment manifest and initiate true positive change, both within oneself and around oneself. Namaste, Keith

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