OM is Always Here For Us

Happy Tuesday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate you and your visit! Thank you. Today, I would like to share a deep thought of mine. It is this: “Thank you for being there, always, for me, Sacred Syllable OM.” You see, we are highly conditioned in this material life and we seek (procure) a sense of permanency in material things – people, places, objects, etc. However, the nature of material life is temporality. Eventually, our physical bodies will wear out. Eventually, a building will not stand. Eventually, a park will be turned into a shopping center or a condo building. Even the physical forms of Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus are not here. So, where can we find a sense of permanency and stability for our lives? The answer is OM. The Mandukya Upanishad tells us: “The past, present and future are OM. Everything is OM.” In the Bible, in Psalm 46:10, it states “Be still and know that I am God.” If we sit in deep silence and deep stillness, we can hear the “hum” of AUM/OM in the ether, in the energies around us. So, this psalm is a great instruction and through the following of this instruction, we can know God firsthand through the most Sacred Syllable, the Pranava OM. It really is that simple. Forms change. All things in the physical realm come and go. All things in the astral realm come and go. All things in the mental/intellectual realm come and go. However, at the realm of Pure and Divine Spirit (God, Brahman), there is a true sense of eternity and permanent being and presence through the Blessed Sacred Syllable OM. Namaste.

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