Om, A Real Solution in 2021

Happy Friday Omyoga subscribers and followers. I appreciate you and I appreciate your visit! In our world today, faith and spirituality are seen many times as an extracurricular activity like sports or travel or studying a foreign language. That is good for starters. But, effectively, spirituality is the practice of gathering and cultivating tools and higher awareness that we can apply to our daily lives and society at large to make this world a better place. Agree? If we all chanted OM and acquired Krishna Consciousness, Buddhist Enlightenment and Christ Consciousness – would that not make the world a better place? I believe so. How we interact with others can then become an example for others to follow. We can forgive more. We can love more. We can become more empathetic. We can find the inner strength to help someone stop something destructive or dangerous, but in a good way. See? OM chanting helps us see that everything/everyone is One Universal Being – Brahman (Divine Spirit). Krishna understood this. Buddha understood this. Jesus (Yeshua) understood this. So, by overcoming duality we all can see others not as the enemy but as another part of the One Cosmic Self. With this vantage point, true peace and true healing are possible. Right now – especially in governmental politics – America and other nations are divided greatly. This leads to strife, hatred, and bloodshed. This is the result of ignorance based on duality. Higher awareness (nondual awareness) will enable us to work together and not use violence for change. Thank You.

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