Buddha’s Admonishment

Happy Thursday Omyoga blog subscribers and readers. Thanks for your visit. I appreciate you! Today, I would like to share a prominent thought of mine regarding the Buddha. He said, once, to his devotees and followers, the following: “life is uncertain, persevere with your meditation.” The greatest obstacle we face by the lower and illusory energies of this world is what I call meaningful distraction. We get dragged into all sorts of dramas – family, friends, money, career, and even health. However, we must remember: the realms of both body and mind are temporary. Only the domain of Divine Spirit (OM) is eternal. Hence, we should meditate on OM and contemplate OM as much as possible each day. That is our true center. Money will come and go. Family will come and go. Friends will come and go. Jobs and career will come and go. Health will come and go. Even dear pets and spouses will come and go. They are all special. For sure. But, they are within the domains of body and mind and are hence temporary. Swami Yukteswar also said similarly, at the end of his book Holy Science: “Life is like a drop of water on a leaf. Highly uncertain.” I agree. So, if you are a Catholic, persevere with your Rosary. If you are an Orthodox Christian, persevere with the Jesus Prayer. If you are a Protestant Christian, persevere with the Lord’s Prayer. If you are a Jew, persevere with your favorite Torah-based prayer. If you are a Hindu, persevere with your favorite deity-centered prayer. If you are a Buddhist, persevere with your favorite prayer. If you are a Vedanta-devotee like me, then persevere with your OM meditation, contemplation, and centering. This is how we slowly change the world, through dedicated prayer and meditation, calling on God through his higher energy forms. Thanks for reading and Namaste, Keith

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