Holy Science By Sri Yukteswar

Dear Omyoga readers and followers: I appreciate your visit and I appreciate you! I have two books that I consider my top-two guides in my spiritual life: Meditation on Om by Swami Sivananda and Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar, who was the disciple of the legendary Kriya Yogi Lahiri Mahasaya (who got the teachings of Kriya Yoga from Maha-Avatar Babaji) and the Spiritual Master of legendary master Paramahansa Yogananda. Holy Science is a great book because it is broken down into specific sections that address unique aspects of the human condition and journey, and also in light with Biblical teachings, which are very important to Westerners like myself who were many times raised in a very Christian and Bible-centric culture and lifestyle. The conclusion of Holy Science is to chant OM, meditate on OM, and center one’s consciousness and self in OM. OM is the designated Word, Name, Sound, Path, Invocation, Indicator, and more of God, who is Brahman, Divine Spirit. This is key because the first three commandments given by God to Moses in the Old Testament were: (1) I am the Lord Thy God (Worship Only Me), (2) No Other Gods Before Me, and (3) No Graven Images Shall Be Used in Worship. Well, chanting OM and meditating on OM fulfills these three commandments perfectly. Firstly, OM means “I AM” in Sanskrit. Second, OM is the Complete Honoring of God as Divine Spirit, above and beyond any single avatar or god-form. Third, OM is a sound-chant that requires no statue or image or figure of any kind. So, OM meditation and chanting right there honors three out of the ten commandments given by God to Moses. Can God incarnate and manifest in human form? Sure. Of course. God is infinite in capacity and ability. But the idea here is for us to transcend form in both the physical and mental sense. By focusing exclusively on sound, what many yoga masters call the Shabda, then we commune with God directly in Divine Spirit form. Namaste and Happy Wednesday, Keith

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