Humanity’s Collective Challenge

Happy Tuesday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate your visit and I appreciate you! Right now, it is the end of the day, and I was about to close up my PC here and call it a day, but I decided to write this post based on an insight I just had. It is this: human beings are primarily focused on experiences of body and mind. We feel pain and pleasure in the physical body and also experience positive and negative emotions and thoughts in the mind. So, we end up being heavily tethered, if you will, in these two realms. However, there is another realm, and that is the realm of Divine Spirit. That is where God is, especially. So, how do we get there? Swami Sivananda tells us quite unequivocally in his book “Meditation on OM”: “Divine Spirit, Brahman is the Highest. OM is His Name.” It has taken me many years of searching to find God. But, thanks to these definitive words of this saint, rishi, prophet, writer, guru, master, and friend of humanity, now I know my spiritual path is certain. By chanting OM or by meditating on OM, I can then transcend the body and mind and commune with God through this Holy Chant and Holy Sound Invocation. Everything in the physical and mental realms – is temporary. We work really hard and sometimes the results of our actions dissipate quickly. Let us say I plan for a small party. I spend some money on food, drinks, and entertainment. I host the party. Then, it is over, and the next day it is like it never happened. The same is true for the mind. I can write a book. I can publish the book. Maybe a few people will read it, but over time, it will become a distant memory, despite all the hard work I put into it. However with Divine Spirit (God, Brahman), the opposite is true. I once heard from a swami that 1% accomplished at the spiritual level is permanent. It is never lost. It is like filling up the transcendental glass of water. One percent. Two percent. Eventually full-realization will happen and we will be totally centered in God, Divine Spirit, Brahman. So, humanity’s collective challenge is to “let go” as much as possible of material and mental forms and obsessions. Sure, we must act in these realms to survive but we must not overdo it. We must stay centered in God, who is Brahman, Divine Spirit, according to the blessed words of great acharyas like Swami Sivananda. Thank You and Namaste, Keith

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