Plan B (Bitcoin)

Dear Omyoga friends and followers. Thanks for your visit – I appreciate your visit and you too! Today, I would shed light on an emerging monetary, digital, technological, and socio-economic icon that can help humanity immensely from the standpoint of everyday material survival: BITCOIN. Today, all world currencies are suffering including the U.S. dollar because of most of them are untethered to a stable physical asset like gold. So, they are essentially unbacked fiat currencies that are used and accepted based only on government mandate and law. But Bitcoin is different because it is a limited and self-documenting digital asset that is decentralized on the web and this decreases the opportunity for crime, fraud, and more. If I lived in Africa, Latin America, or parts of Asia I would definitely use bitcoin over the local currency. Why? Because I would not depend on a bank or local government. I could conduct business directly from my smartphone. I could buy inventory in bitcoin by sending suppliers specific values in bitcoin. I could also receive payment from clients in bitcoin, again, without any kind of intervention by anyone or any entity of any kind. True democracy and economic freedom, through digital currency. I really believe BTC has what it takes to help humanity with its every day living business, living, travel, educational, medical, legal, and community needs. Thanks to its creator – Satoshi Nakamoto – for seeing into humanity’s needs.

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