Everything is OM

Happy Monday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate your visit and I appreciate you! The most profound spiritual teaching of my life is this simple statement: “All this is OM” and it comes not only from the Mandukya Upanishad but also from other auspicious spiritual sources and authorities from ancient India, like the teachings of Adi Sankara and other famous yogis and masters. What this means is this: everything we experience, ultimately, is Divine Spirit (Brahman, God) who manifests directly to us through the Blessed, Sacred Syllable OM. There are three major realms of reality: the physical plane, the causal plane, and the spiritual plane. The physical plane is temporary. So, everything we experience on the physical level is OM but in a temporary way, via this plane. The causal plane is also temporary. Our thoughts are temporary. We can imagine heaven and hell and these thoughts eventually will fade. So, the good news is that no matter how hard life gets in the physical and mental sense, it will pass. Only Holy, Divine Spirit (Brahman, God) is the Everlasting Reality, at the Spiritual Level. And the Masters all tell us that OM is the Definitive Word for This Eternal and Everlasting Reality. So, this means that Lord Rama is OM. This means that Lord Krishna is OM. This means that Lord Buddha is OM. This means that Lord Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew and Aramaic) is OM. And of course this means that all self-realized yogis like Adi Sankara are OM too. So, moral of the story, live your life, but be mindful so that you don’t get dragged into the sometimes painful dramas of the physical body and mind. We all fall down, but we must rise up again through divine awareness. Chant OM. Read about OM. Listen to some OM music. Offer your food to OM with gratitude. Fast infrequently. Sit in silence and just observe with stillness. Do you hear the humming all around you? That is OM. That is God’s Presence through the Sacred Syllable OM. Namaste.

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