The Power of Thank You

In life, we will cross paths with many people. And, many of these people will be engaged in different activities that help us in some way. I can think of no-two-better words than “thank you” when someone completes the task at hand. At the supermarket, a manager helps you find an item. As you check-out, a cashier helps you pack your good and ring them up. Outside, a police officer ensures your safety as you get to your car. At school, a teacher protects and instructs your child. At your spiritual service, your minister, rabbi, lama, or swami prays for you and helps to answer difficult questions and concerns you have. Once or twice a week, a huge trash-truck passes by and collects your home’s trash. Once a day, your mailman or mailwoman successfully delivers your mail and important correspondence, rain or shine. The list goes on. The very least we can say to these people is “thank you”. I also saw a meme on the Internet where a Christian family of four was praying before a meal and said, together “Thank you, Jesus”. That is great. But also, don’t forget all of the people who worked hard to get that food to your table – the farmer, the truck driver, the market owner, and more. So, gratitude is a powerful way of living and perhaps the best way of living. We all want to feel empowered. Right? I believe so. Well, we cannot control the elements. We cannot control a storm and tell it to go out to sea. We cannot control the Sun or the stars or natural global events. However, we can control (mindfully) the presence of gratitude and enable this approach of life to empower us, positively connect us to and with others, and more. Thank you for reading. Namaste.

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