Brahman (Divine Spirit)

Numerous spiritual authorities like the Bhagavad Gita and Bible tell us that God is Divine and Holy Spirit. Swami Sivananda tells us in his book “Meditation on OM” that “Brahman (God as Divine and Holy Spirit) is the Highest; OM is His Name.” Furthermore, Paramahansa Ramakrishna, a celebrated saint of Vedanta-Hindu philosophy taught that “OM represents God in both Spirit and Avatar forms”. So, from this we can see that God is present in the atmosphere and ether as our very breath, the prana life force. God is also present in Divine Avatar forms like Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus. Furthermore, God is present in Cosmic forms like the Sun. How can we honor all of these forms in one simple prayer and mantra-sound-form? “OM” is the consensus of the greatest masters, minds, yogis, saints, avatars, and rishis of human history. “OM TAT SAT” says the Gita. This means “OM, That is The Truth”. Namaste, Happy Tuesday, Keith

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