Psalm 46:10

Hello Omyoga blog followers and visitors. I appreciate your visit greatly, so thank you! Today, I would like to mention a very spiritual and profound bible passage, and that is from Psalm 46:10 which says “Be still and know I am God”. I was reading some quotes by the late and great master Ramana Maharshi who said that silence and stillness are the true focal points when it comes to illumination and self-realization. Through stillness, especially mental stillness, we actually give the Spirit of God a chance to approach us, because our bodies and minds are so turbulent. There is also a popular saying – that self-realization is great for those who have tired of both physical and mental action. I agree. Why? Because if you look at the existential aspects of body and mind, they are temporal so whatever we do in these realms will eventually fizzle. Only Divine Spirit (OM) is eternal, say great masters like Swami Sivananda and Swami Krishnananda. If we meditate and observe silence and stillness, we can hear the presence of OM quite easily. So, whenever possible, practice silence and stillness. Eventually, you will experience Divine Darshana. Namaste.

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