A Lesson From Tibetan Buddhism

For more than a decade, my spiritual practice was centered in mantras from Tibetan Buddhism. Today, in part, I recite these mantras, but my central mantra, as you know is OM. It is because “all this” is OM as the Mandukya Upanishad states. Still, I learned a GREAT lesson from the Tibetan Buddhists. You can dedicate your prayers and offer the merit of your prayers and mantras to all sentient beings. That is right – all sentient beings. You can do this dedication as much as you like. This is very auspicious. Can you image a planet where ALL people praying actually pray for all others – people, creatures and more? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I say yes indeed. And it can be done. Just say “Blessed Divine Spirit (OM), as I recite my mantras today, I offer the merits therein to all sentient beings because I care about them all. Thank You.” Namaste.

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