10 Spiritual Tips

Tip #1: Get up each day at the same time – shower, change clothes, perform morning mantras. I have heard from several masters that routine is key to making progress in life. Oversleeping is not good.

Tip #2: Live your day with gratitude, contrition for sin, and hope for divine grace. The more gratitude we keep in our heart, then we will be happy for small things. Expectations are the seeds of sorrow, they say. So, live with simplicity and gratitude, so when something good does happen, you notice it and it becomes a source of joy. Be mindful of past misdeeds so they are not committed again. Finally, know that all we receive is Divine Grace, even if we have done our part. God is the giver, always.

Tip #3: Hydrate. Our bodies are 95% water. So, drink plenty of water or juice or tea through out the day. You can have a coffee or two at most. But do not overdo the caffeine. You will be happier as you hydrate. Our physical well-being positively impacts our mental and spiritual well-being.

Tip #4: Treat Others Like Family. We cannot impose our will on others, even if they are doing something we do not agree with. Still, we can pray for them. We can tell them we care for them. We can ask God (Divine Spirit, OM) to bless them. What matters is that we see other human beings as our brothers and sisters. We are One Human Family, at the end of the day.

Tip #5: Observe Silence. This is a powerful method for self-transformation. Silence allows the mind to still and then we can become more open to God’s voice, if you will. In other words, divine thoughts and positive intuitive thoughts can be recognized better and this will help us in our daily matters.

Tip #6: Write Out To-Do Lists. I prefer to do this in the morning with a fresh mind. This way, I can slowly take on items in the list, make notes, and know if something is complete or not.

Tip #7: Commune with Nature. It could be a fifteen or thirty minute walk outside. Just get some fresh air, even if it is hot or cold outside. Take a deep breath, enjoy your oneness with nature, as we are part of nature, even in our high-tech world.

Tip #8: Be Careful with Money. Remember the old saying – money does not grow on trees. I agree. Before you spend or invest, double-check with your conscience. Should I really spend on this or invest in this? Is this really necessary? Good, issue resolved.

Tip #9: Check in with kids and parents and close friends. It does not have to be daily, but at least twice a week, in my book. Just call to say “I appreciate you”. Always great to hear and makes their day a good one, especially if they are facing a hard time.

Tip #10: Offer and Dedicate Prayers/Mantras to others. In these crazy times, people needs spiritual support. You can always dedicate prayers and mantras to others in need. So, let us say you go shopping and see someone depressed. You don’t know the person’s name, but God does. Say, God, I offer these mantras or prayers to that person I saw this morning who looked depressed. This is true spiritual charity and good-will. Namaste.

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