OM: The Divine Shabda

“Parambrahman (The Great and Holy Divine Spirit of God) emanates creation and inert nature to emerge. From “OM” (Pranava, The Word, The Manifestation of God’s Omnipotent Force), come time, space, and the atom, which together constitute the vibratory structure of creation.” – His Holiness Swami Sri Yukteswar, Holy Science (Kaivalya Darshanam), Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda. The Sanskrit word “Shabda” means “Sacred or Holy Sound”. That sound is “OM”. So, what happens in the path of Kriya Yoga is you first meditate on OM. You contemplate OM. You study all about OM. Then, slowly you are elevated through the realm of sound (Shabda) and then slowly into the realm of The Eternal Christ, the realm of Holy Light. So, the blessing of OM meditation is that we get to experience two major aspects of God: “Shabda” – Sound and “Jyoti” – Light. Namaste, Keith

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