The Divine Butterfly

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti (Divine Peace to all living beings).

Happy Thursday Omyoga blog followers and readers. Your visit is appreciated! Thank you. Today, I would like to touch on an idea that I have been contemplating for over a week now. That idea is the reality of human suffering and what can be done. This morning, after reciting my morning mantras and prayers, I had a divine thought: the butterfly. First, the butterfly is born as a caterpillar and then spins a web in which it transforms into a butterfly. So, there are three major steps in its life: caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly. Our lives are the same. We are born as children and obey society. Then, we evolve and learn to see behind the curtain, if you will. Some continue to evolve intellectually while others don’t and choose to remain in darkness. I personally prefer light. With light, I can see and make better decisions for myself and for others. So, as I set out each day to serve the Masters – Lord Krishna (Bhakti, Devotion), Lord Buddha (Karuna, Compassion), and Lord Jesus (Prema, Love), I ask for Divine Light – through the Sacred Syllable OM – so that my mind is clear and I can make decisions that are aligned with God’s Will (The Divine Will). We are all beings in transformation. So, do what you can – but in conjunction with Holy Principles of Devotion, Compassion, and Love – but do not force anything. If need be, let it be. If you can, pray, lend a hand, and offer your two cents of advice. But also each being needs to undergo its individual process of transformation. We all are becoming, quite literally, divine butterflies, but it is God (Divine Spirit) who is the True Master behind this process. Namaste, Keith

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