OM Pranayama

Happy Wednesday Omyoga blog readers and followers. Your visit is greatly appreciated! Today, I would like to share a fundamental practice of mine. It is called OM Pranayama. “Prana” is life-force in Sanskrit. And “Yama” in Sanskrit means mindfulness. So, it is the mindful control, if you will, of the life-force. This of course is your very breath. What I do is sit down or lie down in a comfortable place. I take a slow and deep breath in and mentalize the OOO sound in my mind. When done, I pause for a second or two. Then, I slowly exhale and mentalize the MMM sound in my mind. So, again, mentalize OOO as you breathe in slowly. Pause. Then mentalize MMM as you breathe out slowly. This is basic OM pranayama. You are aligning the OM mantra with your complete breath cycle. The OM mantra is helping you to relax and associate with higher consciousness, since Divine Spirit is part of our breath, and God is Divine Spirit. Namaste, Keith

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