Your Donation Is Appreciated

Dear Omyoga blog readers and followers – Happy Monday. Your visit is appreciated. This post is just a reminder that there are real costs to maintaining this blog, the URL, and the technology needed to discover, vet, and post the content here. Shivabalayogi, one of my initiating gurus, said that spirituality should be free. Yes, indeed. However, donations are still needed. Without basic funding, things cannot manifest in the physical plane. Without your financial support, this blog then will depend fully on my own job and income and my ability to carry this alone will not last long. In a way, there is no free lunch in this world. Someone has had to pay. Even if you ride in a taxi for free, the taxi driver and other customers are the ones funding your ride. So, if you care about this site and believe that what I am doing here is truly unique and that there is no other site on the web quite like it and that it will help others, then please click here to donate via my PayPal page. I do not want to charge anything because then it is a business arrangement and not spirituality. As long as I get enough donations, I can keep this site going and keep on contributing. If I can make just $1000 USD per month, I can work just part-time as a technical writer and then I can actually put time into this site to help serve its readers. The choice is yours. I have been through some challenging times over the years and what I bring to the table is from sweat-grit and pain-sorrow. It is real info. It has substance. It is not just conjecture. I stand behind each and every post and know that in some way it is going to help someone out there. Please help me make this blog work financially for the worldwide web community. Thanks, Regards, Namaste, Keith Johnson, OM Yogi

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