Intervention, Intercession

Happy Wednesday Omyoga blog readers, visitors, and followers. Thank you for stopping by! Today, I would like to share my two cents on two words: intervention and intercession. When there is an intervention, people physically get involved with the life of someone in need. That could be a phone call or even going to their residence to say hello and discuss a matter. Usually, an intervention involves at least two people who have something important to tell the person in need, whether he or she agrees with the message (or not). In today’s world, this really does not work too well, as people are usually very set in their ways and views. So, you might even call this a historical model to help someone in need. So, if someone needs help and we cannot do an intervention, what do we do? In my humble opinion (IMHO), we ask for God to intercede. This is what intercessory prayer is. The act of intercession is purely spiritual. We ask that God handle the matter. This is usually the best way to go because God knows how to reach the person and get the message through, clearly. What I like to do each day is send an “OM” to all sentient beings for light, love and general blessings. God (as Divine Spirit) can help us much more than any individual person. There is a passage in the Bible that says “He or She who calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved”. This is from Romans 10:13. So, we can actually practice this truth in our daily lives. I chant OM, meditate on OM, and contemplate OM throughout the day. I send “OM” blessings to others when possible. Namaste, Keith

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