Simple Question, Simple Answer

Happy Tuesday Omyoga blog followers and readers – good to see you – I appreciate your visit! All true spiritual masters and teachers tell us a common truth – the simpler we live, the better life is. We then suffer less from stress and anxiety and have to endure fewer conflicts on many levels. Simplicity is beauty, in short. I agree. So, with that said, I raised the question: Is it possible to satisfy all religious legalities and also situate myself in Divine Grace through one simple word? It took some time, but eventually God intuitively provided me with the answer. The answer is Yes. The word is OM. This is stated clearly by Patanjali (of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras) in Verse 1.27: “His Word is OM.” By chanting OM, meditating on OM, reading about OM, and contemplating OM, we honor God and His Creation fully, in light of all legalities like the 10 commandments and in light of all grace as offered by great Divine Avatars like Lord Krishna (Bhakti/Devotion), Lord Buddha (Karuna/Compassion), and Lord Jesus (Prema/Love). Namaste, Keith

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