Centering in OM

Happy Wednesday Omyoga blog readers and followers. I appreciate your visit greatly, so thanks! Today, I would like to touch on a simple yet profound statement of Adi Sankara: “This Universe is the Sacred Syllable OM.” This statement and profound existential conclusion is directly in line with the teachings of countless yogis, rishis, Upanishads, and other holy texts used by diverse spiritual men and women. Even Krishna tells Arjuna in the Gita that Om is The Truth (OM TAT SAT, in Sanskrit). Coming from a Christian background, I am still naturally very attached to Jesus. But it is important to see Jesus as a Divine-Form of Omnipresent Spirit (Brahman). Remember that forms come and go, just like clouds come and go in the sky, as many Buddhist masters assert. Ramakrishna apparently crossed paths with a naked yogi who told him to let go of his Divine Mother (Kali) worship. The yogi told Ramakrishna that this attachment was holding him back. I agree. Why? Because Kali is a form and form naturally is second to non-form. OM is the perfect symbol, word, sound, vibration, and name of Divine Spirit (Brahman in Sanskrit). So, in theory, all one needs to do is chant OM and meditate on the Omnipresent OM sound vibration in the ether. That is it. That is centering in God as Divine Spirit. That is worship of God in Truth and Spirit, since OM is both Absolute Truth and Divine Spirit. These are not my words. These are the words of great realized beings like Adi Sankara. So, keep on chanting OM. Keep on meditating on OM. Do not be against anything in your material and day-to-day life. Rather, just “know” it to be a cloud that is visiting and that one day will pass. However, “know” that OM is always here for us. Why? Because God is the Sacred Syllable OM.

Thank you and Namaste, Keith Johnson, Writer/Author, OM Yogi.

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