Shivabalayogi: God is Free

Happy Sunday Omyoga blog followers and readers. I appreciate your visit! In the fall of 1988, when I was living in Boston, Massachusetts, a friend told me that the revered yogi – Shivabalayogi – would be visiting the Cambridge Zen Center across the river (the Charles River, which separates Boston from Cambridge). So, we both went. There were about 100 people there overall. Shivabalayogi initiated all of us FOR FREE into his Dhyan (Concentration) Yoga. As this was being done, he stressed something very important – that spirituality is always free of charge. God is free. Being initiated into a practice should be given out freely and if someone wants to donate to the cause – that is great. If someone has no money – that is fine because the person will reciprocate and give back when he or she is able. Shivabalayogi is the ONLY person I have met in my life who practiced what he preached. Most formal religions charge for services – initiations, practices, retreats, etc. So, with that said, I have more respect for Shivabalayogi than I do 99% of the other spiritual people out there. He spent over 12 years in deep-meditation, conquering all four major directions. In one secret document that I was allowed to see, he was told by his guru that if there were difficulties, chant OM and help would appear. Because even after all of this time, I still consider myself to be a work-in-progress, I chant OM as my major practice and sadhana. OM is the sound-embodiment of God. OM can appear in human form – like Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, or another yogi. OM can also appear in non-human form – like the Sun, the wind, rain, a dream, etc. Thank you for setting the bar high, Shivabalayogi. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. Best Regards and Namaste, Keith

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