The Purpose of Life

My original purpose in life was to find God. Who is God? Is He present in one religion or more than one religion? At 55, I can honestly say I have found God. He is the Sacred Syllable OM and through Vedanta philosophy I finally made my discovery. I appreciate Judaism. Thank you, Prophet Moses. I appreciate Christianity. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I appreciate Hinduism. Thank you, Lord Krishna. I appreciate Buddhism. Thank you, Lord Buddha. But the most powerful and life-transforming experience of my life has been that of OM meditation, as advocated by Vedanta masters and practitioners. OM has allowed me to see through the cracks and contradictions of all major religions, science, and human nature. OM itself is complete. Today, in the English language, we have words like Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence. All three words are rooted in OM. Who is Infinite in Awareness, Presence, and Power? God, of course. So, OM is God. I know this is a stretch, but OM is also the empowering force behind birth (WOMB), life (HOME), and death (TOMB). Swami Sivananda said it himself: “OM is the Highest Name of God (Brahman, Divine Spirit). OM is His Name.” Why is there so much trouble in the world if there is God? In short, God resides fully in the Absolute realm but resides only partially in the realms of waking, dreaming, and deep-sleep consciousness. So, that is why there is turbulence and duality. Chanting OM (AUM) allows us to re-center ourselves as units of consciousness in the Absolute. That is where there is Absolute Goodness, Peace, and Bliss. Namaste.

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