OM Honors All Divinity

Happy Monday Omyoga blog followers. I appreciate your visit! Today, I would like to share with you the reason I chant and meditate on the Sacred Syllable OM. According to both Adi Sankara and numerous Upanishads (from Ancient India), “all this is OM”. There is nothing outside of OM. From this, we can also see that all divine forms are also OM in human form, like Lord Krishna of Hinduism, Lord Buddha of Buddhism, and Lord Jesus (Yeshua) of Christianity. As I grew up in a Christian home, I was taught to love Jesus, but to see non-Christians as unsaved. Over the years, I got to know others in different paths. For example, I met some in the Jewish faith that called outsiders “gentiles”. I also saw some Hindu swamis call Buddhists “mayavadis” meaning “nihilists”. I also saw some Buddhists call non-Buddhists “non-dharma” people. So, the presence of dualism was there and I have seen it escalate today to the point where China, Russia, and the USA have powerful nukes pointed at one another and there are many riots across America between liberals and conservatives, and the list goes on to include religious and spiritual battles too. So, learning that “all this is OM” has given me a sense of hope and peace. As I chant OM, I honor Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and Adi Sankara of Hinduism. As I chant OM, I honor all Buddhas recognized in the path of Buddhism. As I chant OM, I honor Lord Jesus of Christianity – and all mysteries celebrated by the established church. OM honors ALL divinity, collectively and without exception. If humanity is to endure this difficult historical time, it needs to understand the most important truth of all, that was witnessed especially by Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, and Lord Jesus: the very idea of existential oneness. When you chant OM or meditate on OM, you are recognizing and honoring all divine forms that have manifested since the dawn of human history. You are also recognizing other divine forms that we cannot understand. OM is truth faith in God. OM is true trust. OM is true grace. OM is true thank-you. Namaste.

Note: I finally got around to creating an email address specifically for this website. It is So, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me and I will answer when I get the chance. Also, do check out my new videos at Bitchute. My profile there is om-yoga.

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