The Cross

Happy Friday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors. I do appreciate your visit! Traditionally, the cross has been a major object of veneration by Christians over the past two thousand years. It symbolizes the narrow gate (the vicarious atonement) of Jesus Christ as a passageway to Heaven, if you will. But I would like to present another idea here using this symbol. It is seeing the cross – which shows an actual “crossroads” – as the meeting place of matter and spirit. The horizontal plane represents the chronological path of mankind – from the past to the future. The vertical plane is the (timeless, now) path or trajectory of God (Divine Spirit). The meeting place is the point at which man can continue on his humdrum material path or shift and make a change and thus become one with God (Divine Spirit). The Masters of Kriya, Bhakti, Raja, Prema, Seva, Shabda, Karuna, Mantra, Tantra, and Jnana yoga all agree that OM is the true Divine Sound of Spirit, Word of God, Vibration of God, and proven Path to Divinity. In his book Holy Science, Swami Sri Yukteswar calls this process “Brahmanidhana” which means to unite with God (Divine Spirit) through meditation on the Most Holy Sound of OM. So, through this process, we literally go, using the cross idea here, from the horizontal path to the vertical path. We begin to ascend and allow God to elevate us through the Sacred Invocation of His Holy Name and Presence, OM. As the Mandukya Upanishad declares: All this is OM. As Adi Sankara declares: This entire universe is the Syllable OM. So, this means that all major avatars are OM as well: Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Sankara, Jesus. By chanting OM and by meditating on OM we are recognizing and honoring divinity in the fullest and most complete sense. We are allowing God (Divine Spirit) to change our existential trajectory from the mundane to the divine. Namaste, Keith

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