The Wave and The Sea

The legendary Vedanta Master Paramahansa Ramakrishna once said that the relationship of the Atman (individual soul) with the Paramatman (Oversoul, Brahman, God) is like that in the image above. The individual soul is like the waters of the wave. There is turbulence and change. There is movement and tension. There is anxiety and at some point the wave will end. The sea or ocean beneath, however, is stable. It is always there. It notices the wave above it. It sees all movement and knows that in due time the wave will rejoin it and they will be one, once again. Actually, they are already one, but just for a brief moment there is a bit of physical separation. So, in our lives right now, we “sense” separation from our source because we get caught up in work, family, bills, jobs, schooling, travel, health matters, social matters, political matters, community matters, and more. However, existentially, Divine Spirit (Paramatman, Oversoul, Brahman, God, OM, the Universal Self) is totally peaceful and awaits our return. This is why meditation is so good. It helps us to recenter. So, let us live our lives from this point of understanding. This makes life much better and gives life meaning amidst all of the turbulence we face. Namaste, Keith

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