How To See God

If I had to present an image that shows how most people see God, it is the one above, showing the Sun but seen through a cloudy sky. Most of us perceive love and compassion (divine energies) but we are also caught-up in day-to-day concerns like work, bills, health, security, safety, travel and commuting, technology and more. So, all of these concerns are like the clouds that prevent us from seeing the Sun of God, quite literally, free and clear. The best way to perceive God and see God amidst all obstacles and material distractions in life is through the process of mantra meditation. This is where you gently repeat the Sacred Name of God – OM – in your mind and in your heart. One time, when I was ill, I was in my bed, and I was able to align the OM chant with the beat of my heart. So, here I was, in pretty bad shape, but still able to perceive God’s presence through the beating of my heart. Each time it pulsed, I felt the OM chant. Wonderful. So, our eyes and ears and minds naturally get caught up in daily matters, and this is due to the powerful presence of maya, the deluding energies of God that are here to challenge our spiritual path, as a refining tool, if you will. So, these distractions essentially are a call for us to focus even more on God’s name, OM, and in this focus, we can witness distractions come and go. They are like the clouds. They appear but slowly disappear too (fortunately). What remains? Only the Solar Orb of Spirit, if you will, God. Patanjali said it clearly in his Yoga Sutras – in Passage 1.27 – that God is the Pranava OM. So, by chanting OM, meditating on OM, and aligning our breathing with the Divine Om sound, we essentially can perceive and see God with our inner being at all times. Namaste, Keith

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