OM, The Eternal Self

Happy Tuesday Omyoga blog readers – your visit is greatly appreciated! Today, I would like to address a topic that is important to me, and it regards my spiritual journey and how I came to embrace the vantage point of Vedanta philosophy. In college and shortly thereafter, I spent some time with ISKCON and learned about Lord Krishna and the Gita. It was a good time for the most part, however ISKCON did not respect other approaches to Krishna, even though Krishna asserts in the Gita that he is all things. As I moved on from Krishna Consciousness, I started reading books about the Buddha and especially those from Osho Rajneesh. I even attended a few Tibetan Buddhist meditation sessions and learned about the Dharma teachings of Lord Buddha. Impressive. Universal. Full of Compassion. At the same time, I disagreed with a key theological teaching – anatta (no-self). So, I pressed on and over the final twenty years of my life, I really got to know Jesus [again] but through more of a Biblical and mystical way and at the same time I learned about Sankara and his teachings about OM. So, from the vantage point of OM, as featured in the Upanishads, Gita, and reading between the lines in the Bible, I see God now as Universal Spirit who can and who has assumed numerous human forms (e.g. avatars) and who will continue to do so as needed. God is always with us in Spirit Form, but because we are in human form, we cannot necessary perceive this. So, this is why OM meditation is key. OM addresses God in both avatar form (Krishna, Buddha, Sankara, Jesus) as well as pure spirit form (devotion, compassion, meditation, love). I have truly found my spiritual home with Vedanta philosophy. All mysteries are honored in OM. All one needs to do is chant OM, and all spiritual-dharma (duty) is achieved. The end of religious division is achieved. Final peace has arrived. Namaste, Keith

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