Jesus is OM

Happy Saturday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors – I appreciate your visit. Today’s post is brief, and essentially notes that the true existential name of “Jesus” is OM. The cultural name “Jesus” can be traced back to its original Hebrew/Aramaic/Jewish roots, which takes the Hebrew letters Yod Hey Shin Vav Hey (YHSVH) to become “Yeshua”. It slowly evolved culturally, between Greek and Latin, into “Iesu” and today finally to “Jesus”. However, the name that really says “God” for me is “I AM”. Not only does God declare this directly to Moses in the Old Testament, but Jesus also affirms that “Before Abraham was, I AM.” This can be seen in the New Testament, John 8:48. So, where does the “I AM” concept originate from? The self-realized yogis of the Himalayas will tell you the same thing: “I AM” comes from OM. So, when I chant OM, I honor all forms of God, including Jesus, but not to the demise of other forms. As the Mandukya Upanishad affirms “All this is OM”. So, with the Sacred Syllable OM chant and prayer, one honors Jesus and all other forms of divinity. Namaste.

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