Fellowship is a word used, today, to describe the community of believers and practitioners between themselves and with God. Fellowship is used in traditional spiritual paths like Judaism and Christianity and you will hear the word “darshan” used in paths like Buddhism and Hinduism where a guru or yogi spends time with a community. So, it is about many becoming one through a shared belief and practice. As one who chants OM to honor and remember God, I find fellowship in many places. I find fellowship in traditional venues, like the ones stated above, but also in nature, with friends and family, and with others of high moral and virtual character. The goal of both prayer and meditation is oneness, and that is complemented by fellowship because at the present time, we are all human beings and many times collective attention and effort are needed to get things done. So, sharing our beliefs and practices allow us to connect and then get things done in a positively exponential way. Happy Tuesday, Namaste, Keith

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