The Awakening Process

Happy Sunday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors. I appreciate your visit! Today, I would like to quantify the purpose of this blog, in just a few words. Simply put, the purpose of human life is to “awaken” to the inherent unity of all things. There is an underlying unity, at the level of Pure Divine Spirit (OM), that connects us all. I once saw a drawing of two trees that were far apart above the ground. Perhaps they were about 50 yards or meters apart. But, under the ground, deep at the root level, the trees were conjoined and essentially the same system. So, the roots connected far down, where there was water and nutrients. We are no different. At the surface level, we see people, dogs, cats, fish, birds, snakes, alligators (well, at least here in Florida) and more. But at the level of Pure Divine Spirit (OM), we are all one. That is why Adi Sankara (famous Indian saint and yogi) said that OM is the most direct and inclusive path to Spiritual Awakening. All descriptors that we hear in everyday life from formal religions – Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness, Shiva Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness – are just dogmatic pointers to the experience of awakening. To live in a way where you feel and sense, directly, the oneness of all things, is the goal of life. That is true awakening. With such realization, change is possible. Kindness is possible. Love is possible. Forgiveness is possible. Dedication and devotion are possible. All good things are possible because you know that are helping the One Universal Self. Namaste, Keith

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