101 Open Source Solutions

Happy Saturday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors – I appreciate your visit! This past March (2020), I authored and self-published a book to help businesses (especially small businesses) to get through this worldwide pandemic, by citing top-performing and outstanding applications and services that can empower and run businesses for free or next-to-nothing. I have worked in the Information Technology (IT) field for over twenty years as a Technical Writer, Software Trainer, and Business Analyst. So, I know my software well. What is featured in this book can and will save business owners and managers thousands if not millions of dollars. Software can cost a business many thousands of dollars per user, especially when you get into advanced apps like Photoshop and licensed/professional programming IDEs like Visual Studio. This book helps you find great alternatives. The book is truly cost-effective and is based on more than two decades of hard work in the trenches of computer software development, testing, documentation, and deployment. Wishing you success with your business, and especially small business if that is the case. Regards, Keith

Click here to check out 101 Open Source Solutions for 2020 – paperback version.

Click here to check out 101 Open Source Solutions for 2020 – Amazon Kindle version.

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