365 Technical Writing Tips

Happy Friday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers and visitors! Thanks for your visit. Today, I am posting about my 2018 book “365 Technical Writing Tips” which was formally recognized by the Society for Technical Communication (STC). This book contains 365 “truth nuggets” that you can apply to your professional path, whatever it may be. Today, we all must “wrangle” with technical documents and surely there are at least 100 tips in this book that can benefit any given reader. So, whether you are a student or working professional, grab a copy of this book and keep it handy on your hard drive (via the Kindle reader) or on your desk/workstation (paperback). I am a very methodical individual and so you will see that all tips in this book are reason and experience-based (20 years of practical tech-writing work experience), and not there because of conjecture or personal sentiment. I only feature that which truly works. Why? Because time is limited and things need to get done. Also, of course, this book is less than half of the cost of a similar book by famous brands like the Dummies series. Finally, at the back of the book I give my email address, and when time permits, I will respond to your question or concern. How many authors actually do this today? Not many, at least from my own reading experiences. So, again, Happy Friday, and I wish you writing success. Best Regards, Keith Johnson, Sr. Tech Writer, CSPO

Click here to check out 365 Technical Writing Tips – paperback version.

Click here to check out 365 Technical Writing Tips – Amazon kindle version.

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