Taking Refuge

Happy Thursday Omyoga blog followers, subscribers, and visitors. I appreciate your visit. Today, it is Thursday, July 30, 2020. The world has been affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic for about five months now. I live in the State of Florida, and this state entered lock-down status in the middle of March. So, here we are now, still with high virus numbers and facing a most uncertain economy and outlook on life in general, from the material and societal standpoint. So, the question arises, what should one do? Based upon the wisdom gathered from my path of Vedanta philosophy, we must learn to take refuge in the Self. What is the Self? The Self, according to Adi Sankara is the one undifferentiated being at the Spiritual Level called Brahman in Sanskrit, which means God in many religions. But in Vedanta, God is everywhere. God is not just in heaven. God is here, but at the Spiritual Level. This is why Jesus said “Where is God, you ask? He is in your midst.” We all vibrate and exist mostly in physical and mental realms, and for that reason there is great suffering because desire and craving are the predominant nature of these realms. Only at the Pure Spirit Realm, where there is only God, there is no desire. There is only Perfect Being. That is our true refuge. How do we get there? Sit. Take a deep breath. Relax. Let go of all thoughts and concerns. Chant OM or if you are already attuned to OM, tune in to the Cosmic OM sound all around you. That is your refuge. The true sage, as the meme above suggests, is not affected by material gain or loss. Money, health, popularity, gain, loss, happiness, and sorrow are natural parts of the material and mental realms. They are transitory, ultimately. They are apart from the realm of Pure Spirit, Brahman, or Pure Being. So, again, take a deep breath. Relax. Let go. Let go some more. Affirm to yourself that many of your material worries are unfounded. They can wait. What matters is that you restore inner peace by connecting with God [Brahman in Sanskrit], via the Divine Word [Sacred Syllable OM]. For those of you new to OM, chant it a few times. Ring a small bell. That “humming” is OM. For those of you more advanced in this path, just sit and you will hear something in the area that is already chanting OM for you – a bird, a river, a motor, a wind or breeze. So, tune into OM via this sound and take refuge in Pure Spirit and Pure Being. This is a great way to restore inner peace, physical health, mental health, and cultivate your practice of taking refuge in the Self. OM, Amen, and Namaste, Keith

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